Stop and Think

March 28, 2008

A friend of mine has been blogging for a while now, so this post of mine is really riding off of his coattails…

He asked, “What are some of your pet peeves?

-People who add the letter “s” to things (ex: Barnes and Noble becomes Barnes and Nobles)-Bluetooth 

So, I responded by saying this…

So, my biggest PP is…when I go to a store and I wait my turn in line and I finally get up to the clerk or whoever, and the phone rings, and they take a call before ME.  Wait a minute, I took the time to drive all the way over to such and such a place, I find parking, I walk into the store or wherever, I wait patiently in line (talking on my Bluetooth, adding an “s” to Barnes and Noble(s) in my conversation…jk, I don’t have one and I don’t say B and N incorrectly), and then I finally get to do my business with the clerk, cashier, bank-teller, or whoever I’m supposed to see, and they take freakin’ call, order, or whatever before me.  What the heck!?!?  

I would like to do a “Jerry Seinfeld” on their #ss next time, by calling them on my mobile (not my Bluetooth, cause first I don’t have one and second I don’t want to piss off Shannon), and call them while I’m in line or something like that, maybe say, “Oh hold on for a minute, I’m on the phone,” and if the clerk or whoever says, “Next in line,” I’ll just explode on them (like throwing an apple at their eye:-) jk)

I guess this either a long explained PP or a serious complaint, but notice the object…it’s all “I” and “my” or “me”.  I’m sorry.  This comes down to the whole “pride” thing, like “I” deserve this or that, which in all seriousness, I don’t deserve anything, nada.  The world believes I deserve something (like setting up a customer service window or complaint form) or I have the right to complain, but understanding God’s Word and directive, I don’t.  He graciously gave His life up for mine.  He lived a perfect life that I should have, yet took all my sin and nailed it to the Tree.  He suffered so that I could have life.  How bad do I feel now?  How does writing my PP’s out help me to look at the gospel and say, “Thank you Lord.”  Truly amazing.  

So, the next time I’m in line again, I won’t do what I just wrote, even though my fleshly desire is to, but to know that I’m chosen, that I’m lead by the Spirit, and that I’ll bring, Lord willing, glory to God through my silly PP the next time around.  

I’m reminded what James 4:1 says, “What causes quarrels and what causes fights among you?  Is it not this, that your passions are at war within you?”  It continues on in verse 7 and 8, “Submit yourselves therefore to God, Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.  Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you.”  May this be my prayer. 

So, what are some of yours and how do you respond?  Do you respond by lashing out at the person?  Do you bottle it up inside?  Do you bring it to the surface when there’s a heated debate going on?  Do you let them just bounce right off of you?  Or do you let it affect you in a way that you will be changed positively from it?  A way that will bring glory and honour to our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ? 

8 Responses to “Stop and Think”

  1. TW said

    -a person who stops about two car lengths in front of you at a stop light and then creeps up oh so slowly to the next person in line, leaving you looking like the #ss who stopped short (another Seinfeld reference). Maybe it’s just me, since I have a manual and I live in NoVA. Who knows?

  2. TW said

    Continuing on with PP’s:

    -ladies, what about leaving the toilet seat up? That doesn’t bother you anymore or do you have your boys/men trained?
    -leaving hair on bars of soap
    -when the toilet paper is all used up and the person doesn’t fetch a new one or if he/she does, they leave the old used up roll where it is and place the new roll on top, not changing them out
    -not flushing the toilet (unless you are on a well and there’s a drought or it’s real late at night and you don’t want to wake your spouse or roommate with the flushing sound)
    -people who leave their holiday decor out well beyond the allotted time it should be out
    -people who don’t take care of their yards/flower beds
    -people who don’t use the garage to park their dang cars in, but use it for storage instead
    -people who leave unnecessary lights on in rooms which no one is using or in
    -people who don’t shovel their walks or driveways when it snows

  3. TW said

    I have to admit, I say “expresso” rather than the correct way, “espresso”. I’m working on it. Please accept my apology. 🙂

  4. TW said

    People who walk…I’m in the mall now…like they drive, slow in the left “lane”. No, it’s slow in the right “lane” and pass on the left.

    Also, the people in the middle of the mall, at the kiosks, who try to stop you in the mall to sell you something. Again, no. If I was interested in your stand or product I would have stopped to shop.

  5. TW said

    People who…

    -don’t put tools or other items back when they’re finished with them (and they don’t put them back as they found it).

    -don’t show up on time (or better, they don’t show up at all…not even a call that they can’t make it).

    -keep introducing someone in whom I already met and was introduced by that same person.

    -don’t respect your time and keep talking and talking and talking (it’s usually about nothing special).

    -leave a movie theatre or a church and leave behind their trash (used popcorn tub or bulletin…we’re not in France you know).

    -talk in text messaging form in their e-mails or in person.

  6. TW said

    Kids, teenie boppers, and adults, men and women, who give the “bird” (seriously).

  7. TW said

    Parents who scream at their children in public.

  8. TW said

    Now if I’m not in trouble yet, I’ll probably be after this comment or two:

    -People who are obese that keep eating unhealthy (they go to a buffet or keep piling on the french fries) and who don’t exercise.

    -People who leave a bottle of water behind and did not finish it (finish the darn bottle and then recycle it).

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