Prayer in Suffering

May 13, 2008

The world has been turned upside-down this week, in a sense, with the massive cyclone in Myanmar and the devastating earthquake in China, killing over 50,000 people in both natural disasters.  We all have been informed about these events, yet other less known things are going on as I type and as you read this, and so we, as believers, should be doing our duty, our duty of praying and asking the Lord to comfort the lives of the survivors and the victims of these most heinous of circumstances.  

Hans von Staden, the man of God used to instigate and name Operation World, often quoted these words:

When man works, man works; 

when man prays, God works.

“Remember prayer not only changes people, situations and even the course of history, but also those who pray!”  So, please pray and if you feel led to write your prayer down, please type it in the comments box so that all can be encouraged in this time.  

2 Responses to “Prayer in Suffering”

  1. sidhu8 said

    … time with oneself….. true, very true….its sad that people have misused the beautiful concept of prayer ,the very term has been corrupted to such an extent that i believe there is a need to coin a new one in order to bring people to if i may use the word buy…….a consumerist world…old wine in a new bottle

  2. TW said

    To clarify, God is at work all the time.

    Thanks sidhu8 for leaving a comment.

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