“The Bible is the Word of God, which is powerful and life-transforming, we know that those who are willing to be seriously engaged by Scripture will increasingly come to know and understand God’s will for marriage and the family and be able to appropriate God’s power in building strong Christian homes and families.”

A Reminder

June 7, 2009

By Your life, Lord Jesus, and through Your shed blood, You made us rich in every way, in order that we can be generous in every way.

Here’s an excerpt from “Intended for Pleasure”:

1.  Reserve funds to allow for a few weeks of uninterrupted time for a honeymoon.

2.  Borrow no money.

3.  Be independent of in-laws.  Leave father and mother.

4.  Do not get a TV set for at least one year.

5.  Never go to bed with unresolved conflict.

6.  Seek outside spiritual counsel if unable to resolve a conflict within one week.

7.  Seek counsel if the wife is consistently unable to attain good sexual release.

8.  Have some Bible study together every day.

9.  Husband must be 100 percent committed to loving his wife.  Wife must be 100 percent committed to being submissive (Ephesians 5).

10.  The husband is to be the head of his home.

11.  “And the wife see that she reverence her husband” (Ephesians 5:33).

Remember, this book was written in 1976 and things still apply today.  I suggest this book to young and older couples.  There’s much to be learned!