August 19, 2009

I was reading an article from a conservative DC paper this morning as I waited for my SUV to get an inspection and I came upon this, “Why Christian conservatives are losing the culture war?”

As I read further, it made me think…
1. Why are Christians losing this war?
2. Is it a war that we need to fight?
3. Isn’t there a more important war to fight?
4. Who are these figures that are struggling in their possible Christian-faith?
5. Is Satan attacking more and more nowadays or is it just the ‘lust of the eyes and pride of life’ tripping people up?

More questions and comments ahead after a few quotes from the article.

“Many conservative Christians struggle to live up to the moral standards they espouse.”

-Do they rely fully on Christ and of the Holy Spirit for power to overcome the temptations?
-Are they repenting from their sin?
-Are we, those who are directly affected from their sin, forgiving, just as Christ forgave us?

“The faithful are falling short. Practicing Christians and political conservatives rightly warn of the perils of the same-sex unions. But it is in their hands that the institution of marriage has suffered.”

-Okay, an interesting observation.

“These sad facts prove only that Christians are subject to the same temptations common to us all.”

-True and sad.

The article named these men as Christian and conservative: Gov. Sanford, Jon Gosselin, and Rev. Cutie.


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