A Facebook Conversation

November 24, 2009

Read the convo below and let me hear your thoughts:

Timothy W. Fanus asks, do you agree or disagree with this quote, and please explain your answer? “All around us we see Christians and the church relaxing their grasp on the gospel, fumbling it, and in danger of letting it drop from their hands altogether.” A follow-up question, if you agree then how would you right it?

One fb user :
I agree with this quote to an extent. A lot of believers and churches are losing grasp on the gospel. But I do believe some believers and churches are taking hold of the gospel and preaching the Word and preaching it loud!

Another fb user:
I agree with it, I think it is just human nature. One become involved in a group/community, get excited about its charge and then become benign to the cause and enjoy the culture. Like weight watchers or something. An interesting read, The unlikely disciple, very interesting.

And another:
Tim, I haven’t spoken to you in years, but always read your updates. Thar being said, the qoute to me, as a person who hasn’t attended an organized church in some time, reads as though it is written by a guy who can tell it “better.” i have no idea where this is qouted from, so my thoughts mat be completely out of left field–but by that I simply mean a person who is taking upon himself to tell me what/how to think/believe. I believe in God, but I like to formulate my own beliefs and thoughts but respect the beliefs and thoughts of everyone. for what it’s worth, it’s one of the main reasons I have difficulty attending mass every Sunday. Just my two cents, happy holidays.

Same as the last user:
Ps, if they’re reading it, who is to say their interpretations are wrong? Isn’t that what makes all unique? Clearly peoples ideologies that are derived from the bible can be off base, ie white supremisists, but radical idelogy aside, unique thought provoking insights are what makes the world turn.

And my response:
Thanks ya’ll for commenting. The quote is from the book, “Living the Cross Centered Life” by CJ Mahaney and he quotes John Stott, a pastor, author, and theologian. I was reading this book and came across it. I thought it could be used as a conversation starter, which it has. To briefly comment, the church is growing. We see and hear about it everywhere. Only God’s Spirit makes the gospel clear, which grows the universal church. The local church also is growing, however, some US churches are misleading people. Now I can’t speak for the RCC, since there are pretty big differences between what I believe and what the RCC teaches. With that said, this is a reason for concern, as those who mishandle the Word causes those who need it desperately to leave the church. I pray that you pray that the Lord lead you to a healthy and growing church which preaches the same gospel that we have come to know. Also, I recommend the book, “What is a Healthy Church?” by Mark Dever. If you would like one I can get one for you and we could work through it together if you would like. Cheers. And let’s continue this convo later and to pray for the spread of the Word and the healthy growth of the church.

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