Novocaine for the Soul

February 27, 2010

What do you think of this…

The TV, Internet, and other mindless entertainment (you come up with one) are novocaine for the soul.

I would like to hear your thoughts.



February 23, 2010

Here’s a telling quote:

“Soccer is…like Nutella.  The rest of the world loves it and puts in on everything, but here in America, we’re like, ‘I don’t know, man, it takes like almonds.'”

-from Jon Stewart

I love soccer, I mean football!


February 22, 2010

This is an old post that never made it to my blog.  It should’ve been posted back on 01-19-2009.  Oh well, better late than never.

“As an 11-year member of Saddleback Church where Rick is senior pastor, I confess my bias. Our church has been praying for God to use him in the inauguration to find the words to touch the hearts of those who do not know Jesus or accepted him into their lives. Always surprises me to hear other Christians being critical of Rick, a man, like all men, with weaknesses and imperfections, but a man who has brought more peopole to know Christ than any other active church leader alive today. I thought Rick rocked! I don’t always agree with him, but as an ex-Catholic who did not have God in my life for 30 years, Rick literally saved my life (now, and for eternity) by reaching me that first sunday I attended Saddleback. Rick sometimes sounds like he thinks God is a Republican (as do most conservative Christians), but his love and prayers for Obama are solid. Well done, Pastor Rick.”


What were your thoughts on Rick’s prayer at the Inauguration?

Be Original

February 16, 2010

Dear Microsoft-

Be original and stop following Apple’s line.  You’re too late and you’re boring and you need something original.  You copied from the iPod with your suck-version of Zune and now you’re trying to do something similar to the awesome iPhone.  Just stop it.

Thank you.


A satisfied iPhone owner


“Apple Inc. rocked the wireless business by combining the functions of a phone and an iPod. Now, more than two years later, Microsoft Corp. has its comeback: phone software that works a lot like its own Zune media player.  The iPhone’s success has spurred lots of look-alike phones with screenfuls of tiny square icons representing each program.”

For the People

February 16, 2010

Yes, yes and yes!  Finally, someone bold enough, even though he’s leaving, to say this, “…with people interested in reforming the process and governing for the good of the people.”

Thank you!

Now will it get done?  That’s another question.

From Yahoo News:

“Bayh argued that the American people needed to deliver a “shock” to Congress by voting incumbents out en masse and replacing them with people interested in reforming the process and governing for the good of the people, rather than deep-pocketed special-interest groups.”

Don’t let me get started…

February 16, 2010

And their athletic teams are even worse!  However, we beat BBC in men’s bball! At least their website is a tad better.

Get with it!

February 16, 2010

Why does my alma mater’s website look so poor?

And why does this young woman, from the website,  look so lonely and depressed or is she thinking what was said in a class or chapel?

It’s time to upgrade!

Most Super Bowls Suck

February 5, 2010

Here’s why….

The former Super Bowl champion, Michael Strahan says, “By the time you get through the partying, who cares about the game, to be honest with you.” He added: “If you party right, the game is the last thing you worry about, you wake up in the fourth quarter.”

Global Warning

February 4, 2010

So, everyone is worried about Global Warming, but with the recent snowstorms in the DC area, everyone is now off that bandwagon.

Who’s right?

The question is not who’s right, but what should we believe?

Do we believe those who may be right or do we believe the Word, which is infallible?

I say continue to recycle, limit our use of oil, and live moderate and reasonable lifestyles.

But ultimately, listen to the Word. Listen and hear that the Word gives us a Global Warning, that God will judge the earth.

How so? Hit me up and let’s talk!

Snow storm gaining strength