Role Models Galore

March 1, 2010

Role models should be good for our kids, not bad, and in this case, it’s a bad one. Lil Wayne, an influential figure that reaches inner city kids, just became more of a bad role model than a good one.  With Wayne adding to the list, which continues to grow, Kobe, Tiger, Jayson Williams, A-Rod, etc.

It’s sad.

“I’d rather be pushin’ flowers,” he raps in 2008’s “A Milli,” “than to be in the pen sharin’ showers.”

Lil Wayne might have to get used to it. At the apex of a career that has made him one of music’s biggest sellers, the Grammy-winning artist is expected to start a yearlong jail term Tuesday after pleading guilty in a New York City gun case.

It would make him the latest in a string of rappers to go to jail after rising to fame _ and the latest celebrity inmate to test law enforcement officials’ ability to draw the line between providing special treatment and recognizing potential risks to high-profile convicts.

Be proactive parents, teachers, and youth pastors in your child’s life.  Don’t allow the world and these role models play a part in your child’s development. Live and preach the gospel to them.  And pray for them.


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