November 5, 2010

WASHINGTON – A woman who was kidnapped and cut open in an attempt to steal her unborn baby charged at her attacker during a sentencing hearing Friday in Prince George’s County.
Veronica Deramous, 40, of Suitland, Md., pleaded guilty to first-degree assault and agreed to a sentence of 25 years in prison.

The victim, Teka Adams, lunged at Deramous as she spoke of an agreement between the two women that Deramous was to purchase Adams’ child.

Prince George’s County State’s Attorney Glenn Ivey witnessed Adams charge Deramous.

“The defendant wavered about whether she would accept a plea or not and then she decided to accept the plea and then the victim got angry came after her,” Ivey says. “so it was a very dramatic day.”

Ivey believes the sentence is appropriate.

“This is the kind of sentence the defendant deserves and she’s going to be off the street for a very long time,” Ivey says.

In December 2009, Deramous allegedly lured Adams from a Southeast D.C. homeless shelter with the promise of free baby clothes, and held her captive — bound and duct-taped — in an apartment for nearly five days.

Police say Deramous then used box cutters and a razor blade to cut into the victim’s belly in an unsuccessful attempt to get the baby.

Adams, who was in her third trimester at the time of the attack, managed to wriggle free and run from the apartment with her placenta and intestines still exposed.

The mother and baby survived, with the daughter being named Miracle.

Adams was escorted from the courtroom after the outburst.


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