A Screwed Up World

December 7, 2010

We live in such a screwed up world.

Take a gander:

If Haynesworth were to fulfill his deal, he would make $14.29 million per year, which is $893,125 per game in a regular 16-game season.

On average, Haynesworth played 25.5 snaps in each of the eight games he played this year, according to Ryan O’Halloran of CSNwashington.com. Considering the average NFL play lasts roughly 5.5 seconds, Haynesworth played for 140.25 seconds each game.

Using those numbers, the disgruntled D-lineman’s 2010 stats break down like this:

For each snap he was on the field, Big Al earned $35,024.51.
Haynesworth made $6,368.09 per second he played in each game.
During the infamous six seconds in which Haynesworth took a nap while Michael Vick found a receiver in the end zone against the Eagles, the Redskins paid him $38,208.54.
And finally, if you were receiving Haynesworth’s rates to spend the average user’s 14 minutes on our website, you’d be receiving $5,349,195.60 … with guarantees!
Just to refresh your memory:


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