Love on Metro

June 20, 2011

WASHINGTON – Turns out if you ride the Metro and are looking for a love connection, your best bet is riding the rails in and around the Vienna/Fairfax-GMU Metro Station.

Craigslist has named the Vienna station the “Most Romantic Subway/Metro Station” in the country, following a year-long study on chance encounters in the country’s five largest transit systems.

Craigslist researchers analyzed the number of “missed connections” ads that mentioned individual transit stations in five American cities, with Vienna topping the list as the most love-inducing stop.

Missed connections are a special section on Craigslist where people can post or search for messages from potential paramours. Perhaps a lingering glance on the Orange Line to Metro Center or a brushed shoulder on the Red Line to Shady Grove could have meant something? Riders can take to Craigslist to post a message to the anonymous passenger they almost connected with.

Craigslist studied the ads in the cities with the five largest transit systems: New York, Chicago, Washington, Philadelphia and Boston. They study considered more than 750 stations.

Using its “Train Romance Index Score Total” or TRIST, Craigslist says it might be Vienna’s proximity to the main campus of George Mason University that led to it being named the most “romantic” station among major metropolitan areas.

The study also names Chicago as having the “Most Romantic Subway System in the U.S.” The city contributes five of the top 10 most romantic stations in the country. New York contributes two.

Among Metro stations in the D.C. areas, the Vienna station is followed by Van Dorn Street on the Blue Line, Shady Grove on the Red Line and Dupont Circle on the Red Line.


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