Dads and Gangs

July 6, 2011

Dads are very important.  That’s why I see a lot of problems in the inner city and suburbs of DC.

“You are not likely to find well-fathered boys in gangs. This is not only because fathers are more likely to keep their sons out of gangs, but more importantly, fathers give boys the things that can make gang life attractive. At one time, insecure boys used loud, fast cars and motorcycles to show the neighborhood they mattered and weren’t to be messed with. Now those boys use guns and aggression. Boys with good fathers don’t have this need. They learn from their dads that they matter and don’t feel they have to force their way into manhood. Likewise, girls with good fathers are not as likely to fall to the pressure of sexually enterprising young boys, because well-fathered girls are more confident, having already gained the love of a good man.”  -from


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