What Lies Beneath…

September 27, 2011

PBU, my alma mater, should be called Phantasy Boat University…why you say?  I’m glad you asked.

Israel (March 13-25, 2012)

Study the geographical, historical, and cultural background of the Old and New Testaments under the teaching of Mr. E.H.and Dr. B.K.. Walk throughout the land of Israel, from Galilee to the Negev, and learn in the places where Jesus lived and taught.

Bermuda (June 8-11, 2012)

Join Dr. T.J.W. and his wife for a long weekend excursion at Bermuda’s Willowbank Resort. Spend time in the Word with Dr. W each morning and develop new friendships with other visitors at breakfast, afternoon tea, and dinner prepared by Willowbank’s fantastic chefs.

Enjoy plenty of free time to relax and take advantage of the golf course, shopping, or local sights. Experience the beauty of God’s creation on a sunset cruise Saturday evening.

Water View Room – $919, includes airfare
Garden View Room – $825, includes airfare
Activity fees, lunches, and taxi fees not included.

Hawaii (October 5-20, 2012)

Take a fourteen-day cruise to and through the Hawaiian Islands. On the way, immerse yourself in Celebrity Century’s warm, open spaces and soaring atriums. You’ll experience the South Pacific the moment you step onboard. Once you reach the Islands, experience their emerald green rainforests and thunderous volcanoes, their palm-fringed beaches and indescribable sunsets.

Whether your vision of Hawaii conjures up images of moonlit beaches or the unmistakable shape of the USS Arizona Memorial in Pearl Harbor, aboard Celebrity Cruises you’ll discover the Hawaii you’ve always imagined.


Bermuda?!?!?  We all would love to hang with Dr.W., but c’mon…what an excuse to live large and possibly study the Word for an hour or two. 

What happened to the study tours in Greece or wherever Paul journeyed (at least they’re still going to Israel)?

I’m calling them out!

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