June 4, 2012

“Technology is replacing our godly relationships!”

“Our electronic communication has become an easy way to escape genuine communication.”

Put the iPhone down!

When you’re with someone, that relationship is your priority. Retraining will take some time if you, your spouse, or your children have become addicted to your devices. But keeping them in their rightful place will, in the words of one reader, “open up the door to more intimate communication with your spouse and family.”

“Anything that becomes a necessity has the ability to become an idol.” In other words, you can become so attached to your smartphone that it basically becomes the most important thing in your life: “If you can’t live without a gadget … throw it away. If a gadget is absorbing most of your leisure time … throw it away!”

“Life is too short. Let’s not invest what little time we have in meaningless endeavors.”


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