Home or Activity Center?

April 16, 2013

Parents determine whether a home environment will be fun, peaceful, authentic, full of grace. Will it be a quiet sanctuary from the hard press of life? Will it be a place of joy and celebration and fellowship?

Many parents today feel helpless in adjusting the climate of their home. They feel as if they can’t control the predominant tempo and rhythm of the day. They’ve grown weary of fighting the TV-watching, video game-playing, tuned-out isolation of individual family members. In the process, far too many homes have lost a sense of purpose and direction. They’ve become little more than random activity centers, with no grown-ups willing to set the tone.


Centuries ago Otto Brunfel wrote, “If one wants to reform the world and make it Christian, one must begin with children.” Now is the time to rise above the chaos and regain a vision for parenting–biblical parenting. From God’s point of view, raising children is a high and holy calling. They are the living legacy you will send to the future.


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