Don’t Waste Your Summer

May 31, 2013

From Trevin Wax:


Trillia Newbell – Women, Don’t Waste Your Summer!

Using Ephesians 5:15-16, Newbell expounds on the phrase “making the best use of” our days by asking, how can we redeem them? She encouraged the readers to turn relaxation into fellowship with friends and with God, to involve kids and their activities, and to keep your quiet time.

Aaron Armstrong – Family, Don’t Waste Your Summer!

Aaron is right, sometimes we forget the opportunities God puts right in front of us to teach our children about Himself and the world He has given us. He encourages parents to find ways to teach their kids about the beauties and promises of the gospel through walks, gardening, and by having a good time.

Eric Mason – Husband and Father, Don’t Waste Your Summer!

Mason reminds us husbands and fathers that the summer is a prime opportunity to take initiative to lead our families. He writes, “…step up and be the husband and father that God has called you to be. Be intentional about being home, engaged and interested in your family. Take the task of spiritual formation and gospel promotion in the home seriously. This is the most important legacy you can leave your children, and the most formative way to love your wives.”

Jamie Ivey – Mom, Don’t Waste Your Summer!

“Use the summer to truly minister to your children and ask God to move their hearts towards His. You have so much time with them and are investing in their lives every day, so use this time to ask God to point out specific ways that you can pray for them.” Ivey encourages moms to use that time to explore God’s Word with them, to pray with them and for them, and to show them more about this God that loves them deeper than you ever could.

Michael Kelley: Men, Don’t Waste Your Summer!

According to Kelley, we usually ” play defense against the pressures of life. But what if instead of playing defense this summer, we chose to play offense? What if we had a redemptive mindset toward the time we have rather than a defensive one?…Summer could become something different. A time to walk boldly. A time to engage rather than pull back. A time to stride through life, looking this way and that, determined not to miss any opportunity.”

Josh Cousineau: Parent, Don’t Waste Your Summer!

Cousineau contends that “…the summer should be a time to dive deeper into the story of who God is. Children will have less school, work for us as parents can slow down, vacations happen. All of these things are chances for us as parents to lead our family to invest the summer for the glory of Jesus… This may mean thinking through our vacation time and building a rhythm into it of Bible study and learning more about our Lord and Savior.”


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