Following a Fool

April 3, 2014

How can anyone respect a leader like this?

O says this: “And I want to just assure all of us that we’re going to get to the bottom of exactly what happened.”

And then he goes fundraising again.

“Grisham, who describes himself as the founder and president of Open Carry Texas, also wrote, “This reminds me of Afghanistan: People shooting at us and we can’t return fire.”

The purported soldier said, “As you may know, Fort Hood is a gun-free zone and soldiers are unable to defend themselves. Someone tell that to the shooter please.”

Grisham also added, “Oh the irony that there is an active shooter on Fort Hood and the very people trained to take out armed attackers … are disarmed.”

Many soldiers have been sitting in traffic jams, stuck in their cars as they try to leave the gates of the post.

The local newspaper, the Killeen Daily Herald, ran this photo of a Spc. Ivan Lopez at Fort Hood in 2010:

Spc. Ivan Lopez, 1st Battalion, Warrior Transition Brigade, ties a fly during an instructional class at Fort Hood in 2010. (Photo: Killeen Daily Herald)
President Obama issued a statement saying, “Obviously we’re following it closely. The situation is fluid right now. But my national security team is in close contact with not just the Defense Department but the FBI. They are working with folks on the ground to determine exactly what happened to make sure that everybody is secure. And I want to just assure all of us that we’re going to get to the bottom of exactly what happened.

“Any shooting is troubling. Obviously this reopens the pain of what happened at Fort Hood five years ago. … We’re heartbroken that something like this might have happened again. … The folks there have sacrificed so much on behalf of our freedom. Many of the people there have been on multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. They serve with valor; they serve with distinction. And when they’re at their home base they need to feel safe. We don’t yet know what happened tonight, but obviously that sense of safety has been broken once again. And we’re going to have to find out exactly what happened.”

Washington Examiner writer Charlie Spiering tweeted, “After addressing Fort Hood shooting, Obama is going to another Chicago fundraiser – abt 55 supporters in attendance, contributing up to $10k.”


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