Bottle Bombs

May 25, 2014

My concern isn’t what AMC will do, my concern is why haven’t they taken the proper measures to insure it didn’t happen in the first place, or why they haven’t done anything after the first one?

UPDATE, May 25: On Sunday, AMC issued the following statement:

“These actions, which cause panic among large groups of people, are unacceptable, and we will press charges to the fullest extent without hesitation.

We are working closely with law enforcement at the local and federal level, and we have provided our surveillance system footage to law enforcement to assist in developing any possible leads or persons of interest.

We remain vigilant in preventing further incidents, and have reviewed with local AMCs about what steps to take to help ensure the safety of everyone at the theatre. We have also briefed all theatre operators in the area.

AMC will reach out to the local crime solvers agency as soon as possible to set up a $25,000 reward to anyone who provides information that directly leads to the capture of those responsible.”

UPDATE: For the third time in a week, a movie theatre was evacuated after a bottle bomb went off. It happened at the AMC movie theatres at Tysons Corner and this time it was in theatre number one at 2 a.m.

Deputy Chief Mike Reilly, with the Fairfax County Fire Marshal’s office says two people were affected by the bomb and treated at the scene.

Reilly says the contents are similar to the bottle bombs that went off at the same theatre last week.

Reilly says there’s no clear link between this latest incident and the one in Prince George’s County early Saturday morning, but all three incidents are being investigated.

WASHINGTON — A bomb was thrown into a Prince George’s County theater early Saturday morning, the second bombing in a local theater within the past week.

It happened around 1:40 a.m. at the Magic Johnson Theatre in Largo.

The Prince George’s County fire department says no one was hurt by the bottle bomb, and there wasn’t any damage to the theater.

Last weekend, roughly 2,000 people were evacuated the Tysons Corner theater and mall after two bombs were set off there.

Kate from wtop

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