December 15, 2015

The original “Clash of the Titans” film is still my favorite. The remake was watchable but it’s tough to recreate the wonder of a classic film. My favorite part of the original was the scene where Perseus steals the eye from the Stygian Witches. He uses the eye to barter for the information he needs to confront the Kraken. The mythical Stygian Witches, although they couldn’t see in front of them without the eye, had the ability to see portions of the future. Obviously, I do not have that ability, but it doesn’t take three witches with mythical powers to see that there are some troubled waters ahead for liberty and freedom if we don’t organize, vote, and fight back. (Note: I am not a glass-half-empty kind of guy, I’m just concerned and want to draw attention to the following items. Also, I recently penned a piece here at Conservative Review discussing a positive, conservative path forward which is right in front of us.)
Here are some troubling items that the conservative and libertarian movements need to watch with their collective eyes.

Colorado Single-Payer Healthcare

After the devastating failures of both the Obamacare exchanges and the Obamacare co-ops in the state of Colorado, one would think that far-left supporters of a heavy government footprint on our healthcare system would hang their heads in shame. Mass cancellations, double-digit premium hikes, and Obamacare exchange chaos would, with a modicum of honest media attention, sink bureaucratic medicine for good. But the far-left never sees their inevitable policy failures as roadblocks. They use their media allies to use the crises their unworkable policy “solutions” have created as invitations to double-down and introduce more of the government poison. That is what is happening in Colorado where a group of far-left activists have succeeded in getting a single-payer healthcare proposal on the 2016 ballot even after the abysmal performance of Obamacare in the state. It’s troubling how immune to reality the modern far-left has become. A similar single-payer initiative was tried in the deep-blue state of Vermont and, after the eye-opening numbers came in, and the new, elevated, confiscatory tax-rates to pay for the program were announced, even the liberal governor decided to scrap the plan.
The rest of the country will continue to see the system for what it is, a scam where the connected few live by a completely different set of rules.

Hillary Clinton, Eligible to be the President, but not Eligible to Protect the President

During my twelve years in the Secret Service I had the pleasure of working with some very talented and dedicated men and women. But occasionally, we would hire a rotten egg. When this happened, and the subpar agent inevitably did something wrong, he or she would lose security clearance. This was the preferred method to rid the Secret Service of below average performers, because having an active security clearance was a prerequisite for continued employment. Upon losing it the agent would typically “resign,” realizing he or she would be fired eventually for losing the clearance.
Now that we know that Hillary Clinton shared multiple emails deemed classified and put our national security at risk, how do you think the Secret Service agents and the thousands of U.S. federal agents who had to pass rigorous background checks to obtain their security clearances are going to feel knowing they are working for a woman who couldn’t even pass a basic background check? There’s no popular electoral mandate strong enough to wipe the stain of Mrs. Clinton’s shameful actions from the tarnished office of the presidency if she wins this election. Our already broken bond with government will fracture further as the Clinton acolytes ignore her immoral, unethical, and potentially criminal actions in their thirst to obtain political power by proxy. The rest of the country will continue to see the system for what it is, a scam where the connected few live by a completely different set of rules.

Playing Word Games with Terror

The social media and 24-hour cable news era has enabled spineless politicians, looking to leverage even the most horrific of tragedies for perceived political advantage, to immediately embarrass themselves when tragic news breaks. Politicizing tragedies such as the San Bernardino terrorist attacks is becoming standard fare for the increasingly radical far left. They realize that President Obama’s broken counter-terrorism strategy and unusual focus on intercepting a mass Islamophobia movement which never materializes, is failing to resonate with a security-minded American public. As a result, the far left sensed a need to change the conversation. In conjunction with their media allies they successfully ensured that the San Bernardino terror attacks were characterized in the media as a “mass shooting.” While this is technically accurate, why didn’t the media and the administration refer to the Boston Marathon Bombing as a “mass bombing”? The answer: Because the far-left wants the media, and you, to refocus on firearms, not terrorism, so that they can push to disarm Americans through confiscatory regulation.
I’m optimistic about tomorrow. I’m convinced that the 2016 elections are an opportunity to turn the liberty train back in the right direction. But the three aforementioned items need your special attention in this ongoing fight. One (single-payer in Colorado) because of the far left’s never-ending drive to double down on policy failures, another (Hillary Clinton’s email scandal) because of the potential to further destabilize the already fragile citizen-government relationship, and the third (the left’s rhetorical manipulation) because you need to be aware of the dangers of allowing the left to control the language, and by default, control the narrative. 
– Dan B. 


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