Corporate Confession

April 25, 2017

Holy God, You are the all-wise King who created and sustains all things.  You have revealed your glory and majestic power in the world all around us.  Your fingerprints in creation are unmistakable.  Your holiness and power are made evident in your providential care for everything you have made, including us.  Yet we confess that we have not honored you and given you the thanks and praise you deserve.  Instead of worshipping you, we have worshipped idols like power, control, and reputation as if they were treasure.  These things are not worthy of our worship.  They cannot save us and protect us, nor can they transform us into pure and holy people.


Lord Jesus, thank you for your pure and wise worship of you heavenly Father.  You never flinched from glorifying your Father, growing daily in knowledge and wisdom and the fear of the Lord.  When Satan tempted you in the wilderness, you refused to bow down to him, instead reminding him of God’s Word, which says, “You shall worship the Lord your God, and him only shall you serve.”  Thank you that your faithful obedience and holy wisdom are to us as our righteousness before your Father.


Holy Spirit, make wisdom and holiness delightful to the inmost part of our souls.  Draw us daily to the cross.  Show us the perfect life that Christ lived for us, and then shape us so that we can turn away increasingly from the seductive power of the wisdom of this world and receive in its place biblical wisdom.  Grow us daily in the knowledge and fear of the Lord, until you complete that good work on the day you take us to be with you forever in heaven.

In Christ’s name we pray, amen.


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