Work or Not to Work

May 17, 2017

From a former missionary friend of mine:
Being spurred on recently by my kids, I’ve been taking a fresh look at a number of things including time management. It seems that church planting, evangelism, discipleship, and “one anothering” are greatly effected by the prevailing culture’s attitudes toward work, time, and community. Consequently in modern society our credibility and effectiveness as stewards of the gospel of the kingdom seem to be greatly at risk.
If it was a simple matter of just managing your own time well, it would be great, but interactions and relationships with other people are greatly impeded by what Francis Schaeffer identified as the predominant pathologies of modernism: fragmentation, separation, alienation, and isolation.
There are a host of factors that contribute to modern alienation, but it seems that the movement from agrarian economies to industrialized economies in the western world fostered changes in thinking about time and work that would progressively fragment and alienate.
Today I read an interesting article on mercantilism that provides some insight into the thoughts and forces that were at play in the late pre-modern and early modern eras.


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