January 25, 2019

“As long as there is something more important than God to your heart, you will be, like Jonah, both fragile and self-righteous. Whatever it is, it will create pride and an inclination to look down upon those who do not have it. It will also create fear and insecurity. It is the basis for your happiness, and if anything threatens it, you will be overwhelmed with anger, anxiety, and despair.

To reach heart bedrock with God’s grace is to recognize all the ways that we make good things into idols and ways of saving ourselves. It is to instead finally recognize that we live wholly by God’s grace.”

-Tim Keller

ID or Not?

January 9, 2019

Just remember, it isn’t racist or discrimination to require ID for the following things:

1. Alcohol

2. Cigarettes

3. Opening a bank account

4. Applying for food stamps

5. Applying for welfare

6. Applying for social security/medicaid

7. Applying for unemployment

8. Applying for a job

9. Renting a home

10. Applying for a mortgage

11. Driving a car

12. Renting a car

13. Getting on an airplane

14. Getting married

15. Purchasing a gun

16. Adopting a pet

17. Staying at a hotel

18. Applying for a hunting license

19. Applying for a fishing license

20. Buying a cell phone

21. Visiting a casino

22. Picking up a prescription

23. Buying certain cold medications

24. Holding a rally/protest

25. Donating blood

26. Buying an M rated video game

27. Purchasing nail polish as CVS

But it is racist/discrimination to require an ID to vote. Got it?