A native of Lancaster County/Chester County, Pennsylvania, I graduated from Philadelphia Biblical University in 2002, where I obtained B.S. degrees in both Bible and in Education. After completing college, I earned a living as a Bible teacher, a coach, and health and physical educator at Trinity Christian School of Fairfax. Since 1996, I have spent many of summers as a counselor and a director at Camp Sankanac in PA. I see that both of these experiences have helped him to develop a heart for people and church ministry.

I began attending Capitol Hill Baptist Church in D.C. and soon became a member in 2003. After serving as an usher in the church, Mike, the possible pastor, approached me about the possibility of being a part of a church plant in Northern Virginia. Prayerfully considering this commitment, I decided to help Mike and the church in the revitalization process of Guilford in June of 2005. In 2012, the Lord raised up several families to plant another church in Winchester, a sister church from GBC, and a grand-daughter church of CHBC. We have seen incredible evidence that the area of Winchester needs to hear the gospel.

I, TW (tee-dub), love, “the opportunity to serve the pastoral team behind-the-scenes and to exercise my Spirit-given gifts for Christ’s passion.”

Recently, I worked for the Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority as a park ranger. And now, I am working as a police officer and and look forward to seeing where the Lord leads me next in this journey of life, in Christ!

In the time that I have free, I love to read theology, lead short-term missions trips, go backpacking and mountain biking in the foothills of West Virginia, and watch sports on the tube. I also enjoy playing all kinds of sports, particularly soccer and basketball. I am also an avid Philly sports’ team fan and enjoys watching and discussing theories about the T.V. show, LOST.

The posts on this site are my own personal opinions. They are not read or approved by anyone at my place of employment before posting and do not necessarily represent the views and opinions of the place where I work. If you’re upset by something you read here, the fault is all mine.

2 Responses to “About”

  1. pilgrimskeyboard said

    Small world. I get the biblical studies from Capitol Hill BC regularly through email. I first met their pastor, Mark Dever in a class that at Southern Seminary. May the Lord bless you as you are passing through on your journey.


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