Today’s Man

January 13, 2021

Gentleness is the primary characteristic missing from men in Christian leadership — considerate, genial, lowly, forbearing, gracious, forgiving.

Abandon your swagger, brashness, and machoism, and remember your Savior washed feet.

Now and Later

January 13, 2021

Satan offers you pleasures now and eternal death later.

Christ offers you the cross now and the crown later.

Don’t be deceived. The cross must come before the crown.

Socialism is Here

January 11, 2021

Facebook and Twitter are perfect examples of socialism: You get it for free, you have no say in how it works. The guy who runs it is rich. They control your access to information. You have no privacy, and if you say anything they don’t like, they shut you up

Thoughts for the Day

January 10, 2021

Things to remember today:

There’s nothing new under the sun.

We live in a fallen world.

God is on the throne.

His mercies are new every morning.

Jesus Christ will build his church and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it.


January 9, 2021

Elitism has no place in God’s kingdom.

Adam was a gardener,
Ruth was a field laborer,
Nehemiah was a cupbearer,
David was a shepherd,
Joseph was a carpenter,
Mary was a mother,
Peter was a fisherman,
Paul was a tentmaker.

God uses many ordinary people to advance His kingdom!-DB

Reading Time

January 9, 2021

Every week I receive a notification of my iPhone screen time for the past week. The current average is 3 hrs 15 min per day.

If I spent that same time reading the Bible, I would read through the whole Bible 23 times a year.

We have time, believers.

What’s Happening

January 8, 2021

Dave Ramsey-

“This morning, I realized that everything is about to change. No matter how I vote, no matter what I say, lives are never going to be the same.

I have been confused by the hostility of family and friends. I look at people I have known all my life so hate-filled that they agree with opinions they would never express as their own. I think that I may well have entered the Twilight Zone.

You can’t justify this insanity. We have become a nation that has lost its collective mind.

We see other countries going Socialist and collapsing, but it seems like a great plan to us.

Somehow it’s un-American for the census to count how many Americans are in America.

People who say there is no such thing as gender are demanding a female President.

Universities that advocate equality, discriminate against Asian-Americans in favor of African-Americans.

Some people are held responsible for things that happened before they were born, and other people are not held responsible for what they are doing right now.

Criminals are caught-and-released to hurt more people, but stopping them is bad because it’s a violation of THEIR rights.

People who have never owned slaves should pay slavery reparations to people who have never been slaves.

After legislating gender, if a dude pretends to be a woman, you are required to pretend with him.

It was cool for Joe Biden to “blackmail” the President of Ukraine, but it’s an impeachable offense if Donald Trump inquiries about it.

People who have never been to college should pay the debts of college students who took out huge loans for their degrees.

Immigrants with tuberculosis and polio are welcome, but you’d better be able to prove your dog is vaccinated.

Irish doctors and German engineers who want to immigrate to the US must go through a rigorous vetting process, but any illiterate gang-bangers who jump the southern fence are welcomed.

$5 billion for border security is too expensive, but $1.5 trillion for “free” health care is not.

If you cheat to get into college you go to prison, but if you cheat to get into the country you go to college for free.

And, pointing out all this hypocrisy somehow makes us “racists”!

Nothing makes sense anymore, no values, no morals, no civility and people are dying of a Chinese virus, but it is racist to refer to it as Chinese even though it began in China.

We are clearly living in an upside-down world where right is wrong and wrong is right, where moral is immoral and immoral is moral, where good is evil and evil is good, where killing murderers is wrong, but killing innocent babies is right.

Wake up America. The great unsinkable ship Titanic America has hit an iceberg, is taking on water and sinking fast.


January 8, 2021

I didn’t storm the Capitol. I don’t have any friends that stormed the Capitol. I didn’t loot and burn things over the summer. I don’t have any friends that looted and burned things over the summer.

I don’t have any friends that condone any of the division, hatred, and violence that we’re seeing from a VERY SMALL NUMBER OF PEOPLE.

And yet nearly ALL my friends are feeling attacked and feeling the need to defend their positions, find their tribe, and either attack or remove themselves from the ‘enemy’.

If the media wasn’t telling us that we all hate each other, I’d venture to guess we wouldn’t take to social media feeling attacked and defensive like our neighbor and high school friend and college roomie is our enemy.

Trump supporters aren’t all bigoted racists despite what the media tells you. (A lot of them don’t even support Trump as much as they believe in the principles of social conservatism and economic freedoms).

Biden supporters aren’t all socialist sheep despite what conservative news might say. (A lot of them believe that character matters in our leaders and can’t understand how anyone could back a leader that historically and presently displayed a gross lack of character in many areas of his life).

There is a much larger game being played and we are the game pieces, not the players. The players benefit by our division.

If they can keep showing the VERY SMALL NUMBER of violent extremists on both sides (or plant their own extremists inside both camps) – to keep us feeling threatened and fighting amongst ourselves, they are going to win.

We should be asking – WHO BENEFITS FROM OUR DIVISION? Who is funding the media that makes each of us believe the ‘others’ are threatening our way of life – when in fact – my Republican neighbors ARE NOT threatening my Democrat neighbors (and vice versa).

They’re being told to BELIEVE they’re being threatened.

They’re acting on social media like they’re being threatened.

And then they’re further told not to get together in person to talk it out over a beer and come together on common ground.

If you’re not asking these questions, you’re not thinking.


January 8, 2021

If you’re outraged about censorship that targets God, the Constitution, or biblical marriage and you send your children to government school, you’re not really outraged.


January 8, 2021

Every Christian represents—in some form or fashion—his or her family, church community, place of employment, and other organizational affiliations. Let’s be quick to listen and slow to speak on social media.