February 6, 2018

If you put yourself in the center of your world, you will find plenty of things to complain about.-PT



January 24, 2018

“When engaging with people you disagree with, remember they are not who you are fighting against.  They are who you are fighting for.”  – Quote from Todd Williams, President of Cairn University at the 2018 V&B/Brick Lane Men’s Breakfast on 1/13/18.


January 24, 2018

Are you willing as a couple to do anything God asks? Francis and Lisa Chan learned to ask questions like, “God, what do you want us to do with this house? Too few couples say, ‘Lord, what do You want?’ Instead, they think, ‘what do we want, and how can I justify that biblically?'”


January 24, 2018

Why do pizzas come in square boxes, made as circles, and are cut in triangles?


January 18, 2018

“Our greatest fear should not be of failure but of succeeding at things in life that don’t really matter.”-Francis Chan

3 Bs

January 17, 2018

Merely human churches measure the health of their church by the “3-B” metrics of Bodies, Budgets and Buildings. Supernatural gospel growth, however, is measured by increasing faith, love and hope. That’s a bit more difficult to put in a pie chart. -(Colossians 1:3-8)


January 14, 2018

Neglect of family prayer, as it were, uncovers the roofs of men’s houses, and makes for a curse to be rained down upon their table.

—Thomas Watson

A Faith Worth Sharing

January 3, 2018

Many Christians fail to share their faith because they are trying to do it perfectly, and since they cannot do it perfectly, they remain silent…God is pleased to use imperfect people like me. -C. John Miller pg. 44

A Faith Worth Sharing

January 3, 2018

The message of the cross as applied by the Spirit saves souls.

C. John Miller


December 31, 2017

A real Christian is an odd number anyway. He feels supreme love for One whom he has never seen, talks familiarly every day to Someone he cannot see, expects to go to heaven on the virtue of Another, empties himself in order to be full, admits he is wrong so he can be declared right, goes down in order to get up, is strongest when he is weakest, richest when he is poorest and happiest when he feels worst. He dies so he can live, forsakes in order to have, gives away so he can keep, sees the invisible, hears the inaudible and knows that which passeth knowledge.

A.W. Tozer, The Root of the Righteous